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Application process

The 2022-2024 application period is now closed. Thank you to those who applied! 

General Guidelines for Staff Advisors to The Board of Regents

  • The Staff Advisor Designate serves as Staff Advisor beginning July 1 of the fiscal year.
  • The newly-selected Staff Advisor Designate and Staff Advisor will attend meetings of the following Regental committees: Academic and Student Affairs, Compliance and Audit, Finance and Capital Strategies, Public Engagement and Development, Investments, and National Laboratories.
  • The Staff Advisors will attend all Open session Regents' meetings (excluding Closed and Regents Only sessions). Each year the Advisors may be invited to participate in other systemwide committees/task forces, or other UC events, including Regents' campus visits and Chancellor inaugurations, as well as other activities related to their role as Advisors.
  • The Staff Advisors will receive the entire Regents' agenda packet for each meeting, with the exception of Closed or Regents Only material. Other materials and Regents' mailings will be reviewed by University administration and will be provided to the Advisors as appropriate and necessary for work with their respective Committees.
  • The Director of Systemwide Employee Relations, Systemwide Human Resources (or his/her designee), will be the key contact within the Office of the President for the Staff Advisors. The Systemwide Employee Relations Office will provide Staff Advisors with appropriate administrative support as needed. Approved expenses will be processed and reimbursed through Systemwide Employee Relations.
  • Service as a Staff Advisor necessitates a substantial time commitment. Candidates' supervisors will need to provide a statement of support ensuring that the applicant, if appointed, will be provided with the necessary release time to attend meetings and conduct business as required of the position. Staff Advisors will not suffer any loss of regular UC pay, nor will they be eligible for any additional pay, including overtime, by virtue of service as Staff Advisor.

Submitting the Application Form

All staff and non-Senate academic employees meeting the eligibility requirements may apply for the position of Staff Advisor. Applications must include your signature and your supervisor's signature on the Applicant Statement and Supervisor Statement.

Complete the Application/Applicant and Supervisor Statement Form and attach to an email addressed to: staffadvisorapplication-l.

We will be in touch once all applications have been received and reviewed.


The application period is now closed and will reopen in March, 2023.

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