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Selection process

The 2022–2024 application period is now closed. Thank you to those who applied!

The role of the Staff Advisors is to allow The Regents to benefit from hearing staff and non-Senate academic employee perspectives on relevant matters that come before Regents' committees and the Board.

One new Staff Advisor Designate will be selected each year to serve a two-year term, the first year as Staff Advisor Designate and the second year as Staff Advisor.

  1. Call for Nominations
    Candidates will self-nominate in response to broad systemwide notice. This generally will occur electronically and through other regular employee communication processes. The call for nominations also will be addressed to unions and other University employee groups, posted on the Staff Advisor website as well as the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA).
  2. Eligibility
    At the time of application, each candidate must be a career employee of the University of California, with a minimum of five years of career service and be employed in good standing with sustained performance of "meets expectations" or higher. All titles and positions among staff and non-Senate academic employees (both represented and policy covered) are eligible to serve, with the exception of members of the Senior Management Group. In order to prevent a conflict of interest or the appearance thereof, employees holding an office or position of leadership or advocacy in an employee organization or association (e.g., union, staff advisory group, employee association/organization) must resign from any such office or position before accepting and while serving in the position of Staff Advisor. A Staff Advisor will not be eligible for an appointment to more than one two-year term.
  3. Selection Criteria
    Candidates for the position of Staff Advisor should:
    1. Demonstrate broad knowledge of the University of California
    2. Possess broad knowledge of staff needs and interests
    3. Exhibit the ability to consider and speak to issues from varied perspectives
    4. Demonstrate exceptional communication and analytical skills
    5. Demonstrate political acumen in appropriate circumstances
    6. Commit to attend and participate fully at all assigned committee meetings, and plan to attend all Regents meetings
  4. Compensation for Staff Advisors
    While performing services as a Staff Advisor, Advisors will not suffer a loss of regular University pay, nor will service in this volunteer capacity result in any additional pay, including overtime.
  5. Application Process
    Candidates will self-nominate in a timely manner in response to the systemwide notice. Fully completed applications must be submitted to the Office of the President by email by the listed deadline. Go to the Application Process page to download the application and find information on where to submit your application. 
  6. Selection Process and Timeline
    1. Release of systemwide notice. The system notice will provide information on eligibility, the role and time commitment of the Staff Advisors, the application period, as well as outlining the selection process.
    2. The application period will last for at least three weeks.
    3. The Office of the President Systemwide Human Resources|Employee Relations will perform an administrative review to ensure appropriate eligibility and qualifications of the applicants.
    4. The Office of the President Screening Committee will select at least 3 semifinalists. Each semifinalist must then provide at least two references from University members who are able to respond to predefined questions about the candidate's qualifications. Such references will be kept confidential by the Office of the President and must be received prior to an interview.
    5. The semifinalists will be interviewed by the Office of the President Interview Committee. The Committee will choose 2-3 finalists. A member(s) of senior management at each finalist's location will be contacted for confidential comments on his or her qualifications prior to their final scheduled interview.
    6. The finalists will be interviewed by the President or his designee. The President will make the final selection of the Staff Advisor Designate, in consultation with the Chair of the Board. Each finalist will be notified of the President's decision with an official notice from Systewmwide Human Resources. The newly-appointed Staff Advisor Designate/Staff Advisor will serve a two-year term beginning July 1.
  7. Screening and Selection Committees
    1. The Screening Committee will be comprised of the current Staff Advisor Designate, 1-2 previous Staff Advisor(s), staff or non-Senate academic employees from UC locations who will be selected by the Chair, and staff administrators at the Office of the President. The committee will be chaired by the Director of Systemwide Employee Relations - Systemwide Human Resources, or his/her designee.
    2. The Interview Committee will be chaired by the Vice President-Systemwide Human Resources, or his/her designee, and will be comprised of 1-2 previous Staff Advisor(s), the Staff Advisor whose term will expire that year, and senior staff administrators from UC locations, including from UCOP areas such as The Office of the Regents, UC Communications, and Systemwide Human Resources.

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